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Who is your favorite NHL 94 player?


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As the title describes feel free to share who your favorite player is in NHL 94. It doesn't have to be the best player in the game but someone you love playing with whether it's Classic, a draft league, a salary cap league, or exis. If you play both Gens and SNES feel free to post both and maybe why you like that player the most. If you just can't narrow it down to a single player feel free to post your top 3.

For SNES, I'd go with Sandstrom. Yeah, he's a bit slow(4/4 skating) but can check and poke-check most players. He's usually in the right spot at the right time with his 5 o awareness. I also prefer his 5/5 shooting over guys with 6 accuracy. He seems to score a lot of one-timers but isn't the best dangler with 4 stickhandling. Turgeon and Hull are near clones of Sandstrom with different shooting and/or stickhandling.

For Gens, I'll have to go with Bure. I love his blazing 6 speed and being able to dangle(5 stickhandling)goalies out of their skates. Having the 5 o awareness helps too when he leaves the d zone a little early to possibly catch a breakaway pass.

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My original favorite player for Sega was Russ Courtnall.  And probably still is, but it's evolved over these years more into a love/hate relationship lol.  My original feeling (almost 30 years ago???) was that he wasn't an all-star or top player in the game.  He was this hidden gem on a team that was also not recognized as a top team (Dallas Stars).  I prefer righty shots on the LW, and SPEED is the most valued attribute, so he was the perfect player.  I always loved dominating with Russ and the Stars because it provided more legitimacy than winning with the Blackhawks, Red Wings, etc.  When I stumbled into this community back in Spring'11, I used the Stars in Classic.  Probably not a coincidence.

Thanks to this community, I've amassed more knowledge about players and attributes than any normal person should know.  And one thing that troubles me with Russ now is his poor stick handling skills (3 rated out of 6).  Stick handling affects the ability of a player to handle a pass.  So with Russ, you'll notice that many passes bounce off his skates.  It's frustrating, and requires some patience and adjustments when you play with him.  But since we go way back, I think I still have a soft spot for him and would be my favorite player for that reason.  PLUS, @chaos got Russ to do a Cameo appearance for me to start CDL 05!  

As far as SNES, I stink and have no idea.

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When I first found this site back when I was 10 or so, I really really really liked the Roamin’ Goalies hack, and I’ve always liked the Canucks. 

I spent a few hours on playoff runs just taking off with Kirk McLean and running into the opposing goalie at full speed. So I’d have to say Kirk McLean is the one I have my favorite memories playing as. 


My general favorite player who is also in NHL ‘94 is probably Teemu Selanne. 

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5 minutes ago, Bob Kudelski said:

Neely is my favourite player in the game. 

Two guys I love that are a bit underrated are Carson and Fetisov. 



Neely is a household favorite in my family. My dad used to jokingly pretend to elbow me in the head growing up and yell 'NEELY!'. I agree with Carson for sure. LA has become my favorite SNES team. I haven't played much with Fetisov but I do hear he's underrated,

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