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NHL 98: Mask addon import failed


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Hello guys,

I'm new here but have some years of experience in NHL-Modding since the mid 2000s.

Some weeks ago, I managed to run NHL 98 on my Win11-Notebook. So far so good, but when checking the custom-masks of each team, I realized that Dallas (Belfours Eagle mask) and Toronto (Potvins Cat mask) were missing. From my time back as NHL-modder, i have the custom mask-templates of Belfour and Potvin and wanted to import them to NHL 98 using EA Graph Editor, as BIGGUI does not work. Whenever I open a NHL 98 .viv-file with BIGGUI, i get the error message "invalid header". 

Working with EA Graph was no problem. I imported the .bmp-mask-file and replaced the original Toronto Team mask-file with the Potvin-custom-mask. When running 98 after the file import, potvins mask/face in game was completely messed up (see screenshot). 

Can anyone of you tell me, what went wrong? 

Thanks for your support in advance

Potvin Mask Messed-up




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On 2/28/2024 at 7:56 PM, Jlsegafan2001 said:

Unfortunately, editing player names doesn't really work as expected.

Sorry to hear that, hope there'll a breakthrough one day... 

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