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LARH 23 - Roller Hockey (my first edit game)


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Hi all! I am new to the community, I have been registered for a couple of months although I have known this website for several years! I admire the work they do and the passion they have for this game. I discovered this game in 2005 when I had my SNES. In fact, with that cartridge I learned the rules of the game and became a fan of this sport (I love Flyers). Unfortunately here in Buenos Aires, Argentina, ice hockey is not popular, so much so that the only rink that exists in the country is in the southernmost city we have, Usuahía. But a couple of years ago I discovered by chance that Roller Hockey (Inline Hockey) is played in my city, so I decided to do a edited game with this league!

I taken as base the game Ball Hockey from user TheTome. (love the grey rink he maked) and i edit all the teams, logos, rosters, uniforms and split screens. (the choice of the 3 stars of the match is imprecise, despite the fact that it is patched and I can't edit the title screen credits. If anyone knows how to modify them with TM, tell me, thanks!)

LARH (Liga Argentina de Roller Hockey in spanish or Argentinian Roller Hockey League in English) It is a league divided into sub-divisions and into male and female categories. Made up of clubs and small "franchises". Obviously taking advantage of the great slot of teams that the game admits, I gathered a lot of teams in a single space. A curious detail, although there is a women's league, many men's teams are mixed, have female players and even in the men's league there is a team made up only of women (Metropolis). Maybe this will happen in other leagues, I don't know, but it caught my attention.


- 29 Teams of Men League (Elite, A, B and C leagues)

- 1 Team of Women League (Punchers, last champion of the league)

- The orange ball is replaced by an orange puck

- 4 on 4 teams

LARH 23.bin

Preview LARH 23a.jpg

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26 minutes ago, BlueJacketRebel said:

Your edit lines only show stats for the three substitute players an not the default players.



reuploaded! In theory that would already be fixed, it was a problem with the NOSE!

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