Stanley Cup Bug

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Guest nhl92fan

How to win the Stanley Cup in EVERY regular season game you play:

1. Start playoffs (1 game)

2. When you reach the finals, lets say it's Dallas at Toronto for example

3. Instead of continue playoffs, go to regular season mode, and set up the same match (Dallas at Toronto)

4. You will win the Stanley Cup, even though it's the regulat season

5. All future regular season games, no matter whom (even All-Star teams) can win the Cup now. No matter whom you pick, you will win the Cup with EVERY regular season game

6. To erase this, simply go back to playoff mode and win the Cup there

Neat, huh?!


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Seen it love it...the only crappy part about this is that you cannot kick the crap outta those players after you won.

you'll be to busy lifting that weird looking way to heavy cup :unsure:

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