What 94 means to me.

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14 years old. Baseball fan. Met new friends who played street hockey. Didn't know s**t about hockey. Had a genesis. Just got it. Played a lot of the sonic that came with the system. Needed something new. Saw the NHL 94 commercial on tv. It sold me. Spent $40 on NHL 94 at the local Target store here in Indianapolis. PLAYED THE s**t OUT OF IT. Started playing those buddies in it. The legacy begins. I learned the game of hockey from the instruction manual. You know, on the shitter. All the rules, all the rosters. Who's who. What's what. 1 dump a day, every day. I have been an avid hockey fan ever since then. Family in St. Louis led me to the Blues. And then I discovered the Brett Hull. The best virtual slap shot ever. The speed, the accuracy. The killer instinct of virtual Brett. Every EA hockey game through 06.

Anyway, I've never encountered such a good time that 94 brings me. Perfect for drinking. In fact, while typing this message, I backspaced at least 100 times.

I want to hear other 94 stories. It means a lot to me. What about you. All of you.

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NHL 94 means a new challenge in my internet gaming life. I've always been a fan of the early EA hockey games, but playing online is a new battle. Competition is my passion, winning is a plus, which is why it never happens :rolleyes:

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I need to build this story starting from the first hockey video game I ever played which I believe was simply called 'ice hockey' for nintendo..where you could use the 6 major nations(its still one of my fav hockey games). I tried 'blades of steel' but i found that game to suck. then ea sports came out with nhl hockey for genesis. I owned a snes so id go over to my buddies place to play on his genesis. Then snes came out with nhl'93...which was a fun game...but it was the goalie control, defense control and one timers that nhl94 came out with making it the best hockey game ive ever played. I'd had have tournaments every week with as many as 20 guys. I used to think I was awesome at this game until I played guys on this site(like rudy, 94kid)...those guys destroyed me.

I'll end by saying that 'NHL stanley cup' was the worst hockey game ever created.(in fact...i think ill start a new thread)

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