What was the worst hockey video game you ever played?

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NHL Stanley Cup on the SNES is pretty bad

But the two worst Hockey games i have ever played are Great Hockey for the Sega Master System and Alex Dampier Pro Hockey '95 (aka World Hockey) for PC.

Alex Dampier is horrible, it doesn't even feel like Ice Hockey, the players drift around like they're on roller skates

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Tecmo Super Hockey is pretty much a disappointment. It can be a little hard to score unless you manage to make a lot of shots, the goalies freeze the puck ALL THE TIME whenever they catch it and it's easy to make penalties on both sides. The flow of the game really slows down so much that if you play a whole season, you're going to play 5-minute periods and no penalties just so the game keeps its speed. It still doesn't totally save it, though.Anyone else played Brett Hull Hockey?

I remember Brett hull hockey 95 being pretty bad.

confirmed brett hull hockey was terrible!

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great thread. I want to try the NES Gretzky game and the Lynx game that is a total rip-off of Blades Of Steel and Hockey (both for the NES). I dig Activision's classic:


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As a side note, I think that "Stampede" game looks like it's possibly one of the worst cattle roping games of all time, possibly only second to the infamous "Extreme Rodeo" for the PC



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NHL Faceoff 2001 was pretty bad. The graphics sucked, the gameplay sucked and creepily enough, players facial expressions never changed :blink:

The only fun thing about it was that you could injure five players in one game and the hits would send them flying!

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