I'd like to take this opportunity to be the first to congratulate THE94KID

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on advancing past an extremely tough opponent in shakazuzu onto round 3 of the playoffs!!!!

I couldn't let anyone else be the first to congratulate you man, you did what I just couldn't quite get done this time around. Way to be the last Caper standing for the second year in a row, but this time, we wanna see........ well I won't say what cuz we asked for it so many times last year and it just wasn't meant to be, so I shall lead the "NO HYPE" parade this year!

Sorry to see a great player like shaka fall in rd 2, due to some problems in the league this year we had to have two of the very top players compete in rd 2 like this, and one of them had to go down. You played an unreal series against me man and here's hoping that you find time to play in the spring league next season.......... league wouldn't be the same without ya and any championships won in a league without ya woulda kinda feel tainted. Just saying this outta concern the league'll lose ya what with how busy you were this fall and all.

Biff you came thru in the clutch man, and you avenged the death of your fellow Caper, beers this weekend will be dedicated to your triumph and gl against a rapidly-improved McMarkis (much diff man than I faced in the regular season) in rd 3.

I hear rumours that this series was recorded, and that highlights will be shown........... which wouuld be unreal, as the world would get to see SNES played at its VERY finest.

Anyway enough gushing from me, everyone knows Biff and I are gay but I don't have to be going around rubbing it in anyone's face like this.


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was a rediculous series, cant wait to see the highlight package...the intensity was insane and i was very glad it didn't go 7. Again man great series and get your ass back for a full season in the spring!

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To play these movies, you'll need to use the SNES emulator ZSNES. If your ROM's filename is nhl94.smc, then rename the .zmv file to nhl94.zmv and move the zmv file into your SAVES folder. In ZSNES, choose Misc : Movie Open : Play. i think its under 0 or 1..

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alternatively, whoever recorded the saves, can record them with a different program(fraps or something simliar) to convert to a different format, either way works.

true, i just havent had the time to capture/edit it.. theres also a zsnes WIP that allows for the dump of vdeo and audio directly from zsnes.. theyre planning to have the feature in the newest stable version which is going to be released before the new year, according to their site..

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Hey I got it to work!!

The name of the snes rom must match the movie exactly... except for file extension.

You must then run nhl94 rom then open the movie.

At least thats what I had to do. Also you can't change screen size or interupt it... I think..

cause I did the first time & it showed a pitts/Montreal game that wasn't part of the series.. I don't know how.

Was the worse game ever, I was gonna yell at u 2 lol!!

Next time you make a series package like that, don't tell me the outcome

would be better to watch if I didn't know what happend.... would be better than watching real

hockey probably lol!!

You put up a great fight Shak. Lemieux is tough to handle.

I never really play with Montreal but I was alittle suprised by your subs.

I'm sure you know whats best seeing how u play with them so much

Is it hard to make a movie like that?

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