Canucks Clobber Devils

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This writer looked around during the game, and saw a team from Vancouver playing like champions. On the other side of the fence, you had a group from New Jersey that looked totally lost. What you also saw if you were watching the game at home is that the arena was absolutely empty.

Nobody came to see the Mickey Mouse club get smacked around like a southern wife at the hands of the Vancouver Canucks, 10-1. Yes, this group of losers scored a goal, and it was most likely by accident, as Doug Gilmour blew on the puck and it somehow went in. Call it a pity goal, or call it a puck that is obviously under mind control. The rest, all Canucks. Only the Mickey Mouse team could give up 10 goals and consider that a good outing, but that's what coach Tom Delgado is calling it.

"For once, they didn't quit. They actually skated pretty hard all night. Too bad skating hard doesn't win you games. What were the schedule makers thinking when they booked us to play the Canucks, they're such a great team. I envy them. I look at them and see hard working, talented players. Then I look at us, and see Bob Essensa telling a bedtime story to Adam Graves. I also see Doug Gilmour pouring his heart out to a cardboard box. I may need to bring Dr. Phil in here."


Wendel Clark skating towards another goal against lowly New Jersey

*Just picture him in a Canucks jersey*

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