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CFM 2023 (Copa Fin del Mundo)


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Hello everyone, last month there was a new edition of the "Copa Fin del Mundo" an annual ice hockey championship which is 
held in the city of Usuahia. It is a tournament where mainly teams from Argentina compete, but in recent years teams from 
other countries have been invited, this year one came from Chile and two from Mexico. At first it would only be a simple 
edit where it would only show these teams, but since there were only 10, I had problems when i make the playoffs draw, they 
didn't turn out well, so I added fantasy teams and I think I got an interesting result. So as you will see in the sample 
images, on one side of the playoffs they will have the real teams and on the other side will be the fantasy teams, the fun 
thing about this is that they will only play versus the fantasy team in the finals and only there will they know what team 
will be. 
Take as a base, the rom of The Sauce from the Winter Classic, since its outdoor rink was perfect to simulate the rink that 
exists in Usuahia (is an outdoor rink)

- 10 Teams from CFM 2023 (Copa Fin del Mundo) (Selectables)

- 16 Mystery Fantasy Teams (No Selectables)

- No Line Changes (All lines are sames, but can changes players manually)

Download: CFM 2023.bin

CFM 2023 Preview.jpg

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Have to second what Sean said. Especially interesting when it's about a league that I don't know anything about, So I get to learn about it from someone who obviously has enough passion to have put together a game about it.

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