Bruins Smash Devils

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Another home game, another home loss, another miserable performance.

A 4 goal performance by Mike Gartner doomed the Devils to a pathetic 14-2 drubbing. After the game, coach Tom Delgado did not talk to the media. From the way he was coaching tonight, it just didn't seem like he wanted to be there. As usual, the team followed its coach, delivering a depressing performance. Brendan Shanahan and Paul Ysebart each scored a goal, but they didn't seem to want to win tonight. From the view of this reporter, I hope something in the front office is done to bring some intensity back to the Brendan Byrne Arena.

True to his word, Darcy Wakaluk got the start tonight, and from the start, he looked absolutely helpless. It was said after the 2nd period, he was begging coach Delgado to put Essensa in. Delgado refused to even hear it, and forced him back out there to get shelled again. A paid crowd of 876 saw the whipping, and were worshipping Mike Gartner by game's end. After the game in the Bruins locker room, center Wayne Gretzky called Tom Delgado out, calling him a "quitter", while laughing at the Devils organization yet again, and providing proof to his claim that the Devils were, and always will be, a "Mickey Mouse" organization. When told about Gretzky's comments, coach Delgado a shrug and said "He can say whatever he wants. He's probably right".


Darcy Wakaluk Looking Helpless

*imagine him in Devils gear*

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After being so close in the last game you played, its unfortunate to see this happen to you. Hopefully though you can play some more games like you did against Tampa, if you can do that you will surely win some games. By the way i love the vintage photos, i have no clue where you find them, but they are awsome. Also how long is Tom Delgado's leash?

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I google for the vintage photos. For the record, I don't have a leash :P

I just don't feel like going apetitty after every blowout ;)

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