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NOSE 1.1b [060126] released!


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While many may be disappointed to hear there is still no Player Card support, Tile/Graphics Editor or even SNES support, the 1.1b release does introduce a few mildly exciting features including:

- Goalie/Player Overall Ratings.... (see notes.txt for more info)

- Easier navigation of records from within Edit windows

- More accurate representation of the Genesis' Hex BGR color palette...

See changes.txt for the complete list... big and small.

I'll see what I can muster up for the next release... stay tuned...



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There's a major bug; Whenever I put my mouse over the color pallette in the top right corner, it says something about an error, and the program instantly quits. Might want to check that out?

OS: Win XP

aside: awesome program :D

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Well I can't seem to reproduce the bug, nor can I remember such a thing happen during development (all done on a XP OS'd pc).... and well, not to mention no one else has seemingly suffered this issue?!?!?

Make sure you have the VB6 SP5 Runtimes files installed. Other than that, if you can give more more details about the error at hand I'll see if I can find the reason for the behaviour.

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Yep... its a bug alright... its good you pasted the entire screen shot and not just the error dialog as it's allowed to work out the bug just be looking at! ;)

The problem is caused because your DPI settings are set to Large 120dpi. (under Display Properties > Settings (tab) > Advanced (button) > General (tab).

If you set it to Normal, you'll get around the problem for now, but I'll definatetly look at fixing it for the next release (long story, but I have an idea why it doing so).

Thanks for getting back to me with the error.


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