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With the recently updated release of Kega 3.50/.51, this all-in-one Sega console emulator has implemented preliminary support for peer to peer netplay.

Kega's netplay is a bit more like ZSnes's ZBattle netplay (which is to how kaillera works).

Both players open the game. One starts the netplay/acts as a server, and the other player joins by entering the other players (server's) ip address.

You'll need to open/port forward UDP port 5394 if you are behind a firewall/router (NAT).

Quickly tested over my wireless network... it wasn't flawless, but it was still pretty solid most of the time. Not sure how that will translate to two players with a 100ms ping using the internet as a backbone. Thats one for you regular netplayers to test out.

Probably the most exciting news of all this is that it works with the SegaCD NHL94... something Gens and Kaillera can not achieve (IIRC). Just make sure both players have Perfect Synchro enabled before establishing the netplay. Performance seem marginly worse than playing a ROM, but I haven't tested it enough to confirm that as fact. Then again, will SegaCD netplay work well over a internet connection is another thing...

Get it at:

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One of my friends needs to know if you need to enter the port number along with the IP, or just the IP in order to join a netplay game.

should just be the ip... thats all I used...

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