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Passed through my old stomping grounds a couple days ago and stopped at a sports card shop I used to frequent in my wonder years. I haven't bought sports cards since middle school, but I just wanted to go in and see if the old man who ran the joint was still around.

When I entered, the place was void of all sports paraphernalia except for two large kiosks. In place of the selves that were inundated with cards and collectables was a coke machine and a big rack with bags of chips. To my suprise, the old man was actually there (must be the all-bran). He told me no kids buy cards anymore in his shop and that he was closing in a few weeks.

We talked for a few and I figured I'd buy something. All the cards and stuff were in the back and he said I could look around if I wanted.
On one of the shelves near the exit, next to a box of Garbage pail kids packs, was the 94 cardset, sealed in all it's majestic glory. Brought it out front and asked how much he wanted for it, he said I could take it but I insisted and gave him a ten.

Here's the pics.


I've asked around the community if it's worth anything; haven't gotten an answer. Anyone have a price guide or something? If someone want's to buy it I'll sell it if it commands a decent price. But if it's only worth peanuts I'll hold on to it.

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A sealed set went on eBay a few days ago for about $28, plus shipping. Because it's striking my fancy - and because we USED to have a set about 12 years ago but I have absolutely no idea what we did with it - I'd be happy to send you $40 for it.

You should have put it up on the forum, man (unless you were biding on it).

I opened up of the cards and a few portraits are mixed. Bure's pic is on the back of Gilmour's card and Borques' is on the back of Butchers'.

Thought about giving them up last night. Ten years from now when I'm driving through Morton and Fiarday's shop is replaced by another hole in the wall pizza place I'll probaby kick myself for selling the set. So, I'm not going to sell it.

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hey guys:

i put in a bid for a cent and then thought "i have a set already....why not let someone else from the nhl 94 community bid..."

fire away fellas

You sir, are a true gentleman. Clearly not the type of person who would skate around with the puck in his own end in the 3rd period to nurse a one-goal lead. May the hockey gods smile on you.

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there are some great mistakes in this set (ex: "Courtnall - 26 - Min"). also, it is based on the Genesis version (with the duplicate players and exclusives like reverse angle replays) of the game. good stuff. glad it's all up on the website to browse through.

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I did indeed. The cards were in pretty good shape. It wasn't a complete set; a couple of cards were missing, but no big deal. Most were a little stuck together but I was able to get them apart without doing any damage (I think). I actually felt a little bad about getting them for 6 cents, so I emailed the seller afterwards and asked if he/she'd be interested in a few extra bucks but never got a response. I'll try again.

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