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07 rom idea

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I have been considering working on a nhl 94-07 rom, but before I started I wanted to get some opinions about it. This is mainly because playing the game one player blows, so it's only worth the time if other people would want to play this rom too.

My general theory is to maintain the gameplay of the original 94, but with a few caveats.

Here are my philosophies

-Keep skater ratings roughly the same as 94, maintaining spread between first line talent and scrubs. This also means various eccentricities, such as the fact that 90% of dmen in 94 have shot accuracy of 2 or lower, or that a 5-5 shot should be exceedingly rare. Either way, the goal here is to be authentic to the original rom.

-Equalize player weights. No longer will being super light make the player a monster on the ice. Hitting will depend on checking rating, and ability to stand up to hit on agility.

-Shrink goalie ratings range. Maybe this is just my opinion, but I think the current state of the real NHL should be reflected here, which is that goaltending is at an all time high. In the original rom, there are 2 goalies in the 90s, 1 in 80s, a few high 70s, several lows 70s, then the rest trickle on down in 40s to 60s. I think in a new rom, there should be a select few of 90s, a number of 80s, and your average nhl goalie will be somewhere in the 70s. Only real crappy goalies will be in 60s. Not sure if anyone warrants a 50s rating.

-Teams will be more balanced. Now I'm not saying they should be artificially balanced to make all teams the same, but again reflecting the current state of the NHL, there shouldn't be nearly as big a difference between 06 buffalo and 06 phoenix as there is between 94 chicago and 94 florida. There are no expansion teams now, and the vast majority of teams should be between 68-73 overall.

So, what do people think? Personally I'd love to play a league on such a rom, but one player leagues don't work too well. :P

If I were to start this project, help (particularly with graphics) would be welcome too.

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well the current 2007 rom pretty much has everything you listed - teams are definetely pretty balanced, goalie range is good, not sure about your first point but the skater ratings are overall very good,

THe major change should be in player weights though- this is proven now - ovechkin in the 2007 rom cant hit for s**t we gota lower his weight

Pretty much reverse the current weights and we'll have a better game

although many lower weight guys are still great hitters in the nhl

- this will change the 94 game significantly

Other than that I think the 2007 rom is fantastic, and for some reason many ppl are not giving it a chance. (I once disliked the new roms, but I now love em)

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I think the 07 rom is pretty close, but I still think what I said has some significant differences.

-For one, the lowest rating starting goalie in that rom is Nittymaki at 82. That's awfully high and makes the overall range of goalie ratings extremely small.

-Far more significantly, there are only about 10 forwards on the 30 teams with an overall rating above 80. None reach 90. In the original rom, there are 7 players at 90 or higher, and about 25 above 80 (and that is with 4 fewer teams). Clearly the makers have made a conscious decision to tone down offense, while the whole point of my rom idea is to maintain the original gameplay.

-Third, the weight issue has not been corrected. And for the record, I think reversing the weights AND having high checking stats over-corrects the problem and makes certain player too good at hitting.

Which raises the question again, am I the only one who cares about these factors?

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Playing hockey and playing a hockey game you start to see things in a computer hockey game that just doesn't fit.

I have played the prototype for NHL MMVII and it's what I want in a hockey game, too many people think that players should be rated higher then they really are and what happens and that you actually lose things. Defense are way more effective and there are more penalties and injuries during the game.

Somehow they wanted to make a faster game but what happens is that in 94 for one, the players overskate the puck too much and they wander way more. This game you actually have to work at your passing, any easier and you might as well let the game play in demo mode. This is what I want in NHL 94 and for me, overstated player ratings are unacceptable.

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