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Just wondering if most of you have "your" own team. You know, the team that you usually play with, specially in big games against other chel 94 vets. This is not to be confused with the best team in the game thread. While i have my own team that i usually play with, sometimes i like to switch it up, even in tournments and ranking games if you will. But some of my other opponents feel that if i change my team, i can't go back to them and that team is up for grabs for whomever would like to claim them. So do most of you have "your" own team??? If so, are you ever allowed to play with another????

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I like using the canucks, just becuase they have one of the fastest, if not THE fastest line in the game(ronning, bure, courtnall). So for tournaments I usually pick them. But in the league I'm running, I had the option to pick them and went for LA instead hoping that a better team(statically speaking) might help give a little bit of an edge. When it's exhibition games or best 4 of 7's ...then we just pick any team.

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Hmm.. I like the LA Kings, the first line with Wayne Gretzky, Tony Granato (very fast !), and Luc Robitaille is amazing in attack and Blake + McSorley in defense are not bad too. But this team has perhaps the worst goalie of the game (Kelly Hrudey)

Otherwise I like to play with the Vancouver Canucks, the Chicago Blackhawks or Detroit RedWings.

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New Jersey Devils - Scott Stevens. 'Nuff said.

New York Rangers - The trio of Messier, Gartner, and Tikkanen rules.

Toronto Maple Leafs - Dougie Gilmour. God on skates :)

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My no1 team, unbeatable: Calgary Flames

Roberts - NIewendyk - Makarhov - Macinnis - Musil

Joe Niewendyk : Incredible Shot, Agility, speed, nice passing, hard to knok, Captain Joe does it all.

Gary Roberts : Incredible PowerForward, Can get in the zone easily, crash the net and get bunch of goals.

Sergei Makharov : Fast and agile, can pass the puck and complete the play.

Al Macinnis : One of the best shot in the league, great defensiv skill.

Franky Musil : Hard as a rock, saves bunch of goal.

Ranheim - Reichel - Fleury - Suter - Petit

Robert Reichel : Can do anything, he shot, he pass, he hit. excell in onetimer.

Paul Ranheim : Huge winger, Slow but very usefull. can make sweet pass to reichel.

Theo Fleury : A real bullet. Always get breakaway, complete tons of onetimer.

Gary Suter : A defensiv God, can make tons of points.

Michel Petit : i put him instead of Dahl. His very versatil. clean defendiv and offensiv play, goes fast and rarely make mistake.


Joel Otto : One man army, when ur first 2 line are tired, Otto is the main man. Checkin line strategy : Pass it to Otto. This guy is undestructible. he goes slow but nothing can stop him. he get ur opponent to panic once he know you... lol... and even play on PK and PP

Mike Vernon in the goal, not very good, your gonna get scored some goal so get ready to score more of them.

Clagary Flames, My best team and best team in the game in my book. The two first line are dominant, and Joel Otto is a good back up.

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Tikkanen Messier Kovalev Lowe Patrick Richter

sometimes Turcotte for Kovalev

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