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Paul Coffey Salutes Fans After Scoring Game Winner

In what could be described as the upset of the century, the New Jersey Devils finally got off the mark wins-wise, scoring a shocking 7-6 OT victory over the heavily-favored New York Rangers. A pair of hat tricks by Doug Gilmour and Brendan Shanahan, along with Paul Coffey's game winner early in OT led the way for coach Tom Delgado to get his first league win. The Devils win despite a 4-goal game from "Super Mario" Mario Lemieux. Darcy Wakaluk turned in a gutsy performance en route to his first win of the season, making 11 saves, including several big saves late in the 3rd when it seemed that the Devils would give up the lead. When the game winning goal was scored, Delgado was immediately doused with Gatorade, and was found still on the bench about an hour later, frozen.


Shanahan's Hat Trick Helps Lead Devils to Upset

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congrats man, you've got a great attitude in the community and your write-ups are stellar.

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Scottie, great job man! You've really stuck it out here and I think it's safe to say that the community is proud of your dedication and your increasing improvement.

One of the great figures, if not the greatest figure of the modern era put it best...

"You're never a loser until you quit trying"

-Mike Ditka

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  • 8 years later...


Love this kind of stuff.. shows a lot of character.

..also, being able to put that into words is a great skill in itself.



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