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Hey everyone,

with the 30th anniversary year of NHL94, the documentaries, etc... there's been renewed interest from kids of all ages (okay, mostly still 37-45 years old kids...) in dusting off the old game, and seeing if we can rekindle some of those amazing feelings that we had when we were learning it as kids in 1994. Playing with our brothers, our dads, our uncles, friends... countless all-nighters, recording clips on VCR, "in your face"-ing your friends after that big Clark clapper sails over Hrudey's slumped shoulder.

I have spots for up to 7 new players. Either never played, never played online, never joined a league, etc. Maybe you're apprehensive about taking something else on in your busy life. Maybe you're antisocial. Maybe you're not tech savvy. I have capacity and desire to help 7 more people get set up, get tested, get the right hardware, and organize them through the Discord app on phone or PC to ensure that they will be able to learn their schedule and complete it within about a 6 week period. 

You should expect to have to put in about 2 hours per week for a 6 week span. The problem is that it's 20 minutes here, 50 minutes there, and if you are extremely inflexible in your ability to get away from life's expectations and find time for yourself, you will likely have trouble matching up with opponents. If you're flexible and able to get away when you want, then you are already prepared to have an absolute BLAST learning and growing in your NHL 94 skills.

We've had various people come and join the community over the last two years, starting from the most basic of skills, and now are performing perfectly well in B/C leagues. If you miss out on joining this one, fear not! If this is successful, I do hope to do it (or something like it) moving forward.

To join, please comment below, or join the discord group (click here), find me (danTML7), and comment IN + your team in the thread #new-players-league.

Thanks and happy to have you aboard! Make a 2024 resolution to get back into retro gaming! The two finalists will have their finals series streamed on Twitch, and both will receive entries into the King of NHL94 tournament in Toronto in Sept. 28/29, 2024.

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Luv to get more info on this. Used to play a lot in university with a group of buddies. Haven’t played in 20+ years and never online. Will need help getting setup of course. 

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14 hours ago, Kopistars said:

Luv to get more info on this. Used to play a lot in university with a group of buddies. Haven’t played in 20+ years and never online. Will need help getting setup of course. 

The download and instructions are here: https://nhl94online.com/html/getting-started.php

If you run into any problems (no sound is a common one), head over to the discord group chat and ask for help :)

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Posted (edited)

wow! thanks everyone.

@pza4life what team would you like? How can I check in that you're ready to go?

 @AdamCatalyst!!! we'd love to have you. discord is super easy. let's get you on there for sure!

@Kopistars I'm at your service. Let's get you activated today or tomorrow.

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@danTML7  I jumped on the Discord group today as well. My username is the same there. You also have my personal cell in your PMs. That is the best way to quickly get my attention.

I'm sorry, I'm notoriously difficult to get ahold of, as I silence most digital communicates most of the time for my own sanity. I am definitely still interested, but if you need to proceed without me this cycle, no worries at all. 

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