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3v3 "Pond Hockey" ROM


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I've been thinking of new ideas for ROMs and decided to make a 'Pond Hockey' aka 3v3 ROM where 3 skaters(regardless of F/D position) make up the LW-C-RW positions. I've gone ahead and edited the lines for every team. Some have all forwards on the 'Best'(no line changes) line while some have 2 forwards and a D man. I also made it so any player(F/D) is eligible to play a forward position via Edit Lines. Because there are technically no defensemen, D-control does not work. I feel this adds to the fun on getting back to play defense. Attached are the 'Best' lines I've set up.

I'm looking to eventually run a league using this ROM sometime towards the end of the upcoming SNES Stock league and before Spring Classic '24.

Please let me know if you notice any bugs and I'd be happy to fix them.

2/18/24 Update - Added a 1-minute penalty version thanks to @McMarkis



Pond Hockey 3v3 Lines.pdf


Edited by kidswasted
Added 1-minute penalty version
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Does anyone have any feedback after playing this ROM? The only thing in the back of my mind is if someone gets 3 players in the penalty box at the same time. Only the goalie will remain. Who knows, maybe it could be some fun?

I could possibly add McMarkis' 1-minute penalty hack to lessen the chance of having so many players in the penalty box. However, there's a graphic glitch(it shows the penalty but on the ice instead of showing the scoreboard and penalty box). Then the gameplay goes back to normal.

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