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Hey Guys,

What is the best way to convert an image into TM. (see pic)


create a image that is dithered to 16 colors that are available to the genesis palette. best way to do this is take your image and run nose's color sniper over it, manually optimising the best 16 colors you think would create the final image.

using a photo editor (I personally use uleads photoimpact) create a palette with this 16 idenfied colors, then render/dither your image using that palette. save the resulting image as a BMP and PNG. once you;ve got that ready, I can talk you though getting it into TM.

Make sure the final image is 256x224 pixels, the original size of the graphic you have referenced above (94 splash screen). Best you dither it at that size for the best result too.

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thanks wboy

I can convert the image to 16bit mode but then i am still a little confused on "create a palette with this 16 idenfied colors, then render/dither your image using that palette".

I think we should put up some step by step videos, using camtasia or something.

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doing a standard 16 color dither of an image may use colors that aren't availabe to the genesis palette. thats why identifing yourself what the best 16 colors are to use (with the color sniper), creating a custom palette in you photo editing app, then dithering the image to 16 color using the palette you've created. This then creates an image make the output suitable for importing into TM without TM altering it again based on the loaded palette.

I've already thought about doing a video to show all this cause it is difficult to explain in words. I'll try do these soon (like everything I promise ;)) with Wink, a polished and brilliant freeware app I'd recommend to anyone who needs to do a similar thing.

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