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Hey guys,

slapshot67 was nice enough to send me these videos showing how to do certain things using Tile Molester.

Here's the link where they can be found: http://www.nhl94.com/html/editing/edit.php

Just scroll down a little to the "Editing Graphics" section and you'll see the links for 12 videos. Hopefully slapshot67 can provide some more info as to what you're watching.



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These videos are for finding some of the images in the 30 team NHL94 rom, I am still learning myself so hopefully it will help you start your own hack.

Here is the images on those videos,

1st game screen - easports

2nd game screen - NHL 30 team rom by wboy

Main tile screen - Vincent Lecavalier

Main title screen NHL 06 splash

Main title screen NHL logo

Main title screen NHLPA logo

Player cards NHL logo

Player cards NHLPA logo

Mini NHL 06 Time logo

Ingame startup team logos

NHL team banners

Ice team logos


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good work re: vids.

I was actually fiddling with this myself last night but haven't produced anything to publish. Partly because I was wondering if I should bless you all with the sound of my pleasant(?) voice to add to the learning experience.

Your navigation within TM is good reference for anyone learning how to find graphics.

There are a few shortcuts once you know the offsets and dimensions of various graphics, so when I get around to it I'll make the vids showing that.

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yo thats Awesome. THANKS alot. II learned alot from those. Im intrested in playing around with it now. I started an ECHL rom awhile back. I had all the rosters and team names done. Still needed to do the player stats though. I gave up cause the graphics were CONFUSING.

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Thank you very much!!!

Now I'm almost finish with my SwissAddon ROM.

I just have just one question: where can I find the color palette for the "Main tile screen - Vincent Lecavalier"? (TM > Palette > Import from this file > offset #?)


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Lets hope that wboy, mack, and swos can add some videos or documnets on how the color works/and importing graphics in TM along with some of their other secrets. :P


its on the cards... but may take a week or two (or four/more) to get them all done based on my major lack of free time... though I'll release each one as as I finish them to try keep the interest there. hold tight.

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  • 3 years later...

I'm trying to make an OHL ROM for the 2010-2011 season (based on NHL 95) and while trying to edit the rink logos in Tile Layer Pro

I didn't get the result I wanted.

I followed the Editing Ice Logos tutorial http://www.nhl94.com/html/editing/edit_bin_icelogos.php

and used 4 bit map files that I split in Photoshop from this file

post-2783-079054600 1285602431_thumb.jpg

I put the four bmp files over the oilers logo in Tile Layer Pro and got this result after I saved the file and opened the ROM in my GENS emulator

post-2783-008540300 1285602751_thumb.jpg

Doesn't look too peachy...

any ideas as to what I can do to get some good results?

Edited by Nawrockstar
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i have no idea about editing 95, but it looks somewhat similar to what can happen in 94 if you don't change the palette before you import the logo.

I changed it so the format was set to Genesis... The Palette was set to RGB...there are no Genesis options under the Palete dropdown.

any other feedback would be greatly appreciated!!

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1. in nose, switch from hex values to dec values

2. in strips, right above your home player, there will be a dec value.

3. go to palette, import from this file

4. enter these values: offset: (the number from #2), size: 16, format: 9bpp BGR (Genesis), Byte Order: Motorola

5. BAM! You should then be able to successfully edit that logo. It won't be fixable in the version of the rom you posted, so you'll have to go back to the last working rom you had.

6. You're welcome! Always happy to help!

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