Backups Giving Their Best Effort

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In the Devils' past few games, you may have noticed a few different faces out there. Yes, that's not Doug Gilmour playing center. That's veteran 2nd liner Paul Ysebaert getting a crack at the first line, along with Jari Kurri and Adam Graves. The reason? New Jersey has nothing to play for, and can't really move up. Coach Tom Delgado figures there's no reason to stretch his forward starters out any further, so he has been giving the reserve forwards more ice time in hopes of finding enough to re-draft them next season. "If I can bring Dougie back, he's coming back. The problem is with the rest of these guys. I need to see something out of Jari, Paul, and Adam to make me want to draft them again" Coach Delgado told the media after a lengthy hihatus from talking to them after games. New Jersey is currently 9th in the Wales Conference, at 6-42-0-5, good for only 17 points, and just 1 point clear of the Wales cellar, currently inhabited by Tampa Bay. "Position doesn't matter to us anymore, we know we're gonna finish at the bottom. No sense in trying to fight it, so I'm getting a look at our reserves now to see if there's any potential left for this group of guys."


Paul Ysebaert Skates Hard Towards Next Season


Jari Kurri's Veteran Leadership Anchors The Line


Adam Graves' Determination Pushes Devils to Compete

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There is no reason to bring Graves back.... not after he killed Lemieux's wrist for the playoffs.

If that's the case, then he did what I drafted him to do :huh:

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