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I haven't heard from schoolyardpuck about the rom, so like what Denzel Washington said in Training Day "To get s**t done you have to have it your self." That means that I will made a rom called NCAA Hockey 07 myself, I am tired of waiting. I'm sure you guys are too. Thanks to wboy tutorials on how to edit roms, I will try to do the title screens, and main screens myself. Here is my list of teams so far.

Boston College

Boston University




Colorado College

University of Connecticent




Michigan State




New Hampshire

Norte Dame

Ohio State





That is 21 teams so far, I need more teams to complete the 30 team rom. Which teams to you guys want to be on there? Also, I will not have real player names on the game. That's just to save time and also get it a NCAA video game feeling.

Thank you

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Glad to hear you are picking it up again. I would definitely put North Dakota and St Cloud State(MN). They always have good teams.

Like your list but you may have too many Ivy League schools in there, they normally have some weak teams. Or it could just be bias as I favor the WCHA and Hockey East.

Here is the current rankings for College Hockey

1 Minnesota (35) 20-2-3 793 1

2 New Hampshire ( 5) 17-3-1 762 3

3 Notre Dame 19-4-1 716 5

4 Maine 14-5-2 617 2

5 Denver 17-7-2 606 7

6 St. Cloud State 14-4-4 602 4

7 Boston College 12-6-1 524 8

8 Boston University 10-4-6 509 12

9 Miami 17-8-1 499 6

10 Clarkson 13-5-3 471 9

11 Michigan State 14-8-1 449 10

12 Colorado College 14-9-1 363 11

13 Michigan 15-9-0 330 13

14 Vermont 12-8-2 226 18

15 Cornell 9-6-2 186 14

16 Quinnipiac 11-6-4 169 19

17 Lake Superior 13-8-3 141 15

18 North Dakota 11-11-2 112 20

19 St. Lawrence 11-9-1 86 NR

20 Niagara 13-8-3 77 17

Others Receiving Votes: Bemidji State 56, Wisconsin 45, RIT 20, Sacred Heart 17, Ohio State 11, Massachusetts 7, Michigan Tech 4, Nebraska-Omaha 2

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This may be my first post here..but I am workoing on something better. Its NCAA vs High school Hockey 07. Here ae the teams and who they replaced Replaced teams in ():

High School:

Bangs Dragons

Brownwood Lions

Cisco Loboes

Eastland Mavericks

Lorena Leopards

Waco Univ. Trojans


Hoard Payne Yellow Jackets

Mary Hardin Bayolor Cruisaiiders

McMurry Indians

Hardin Simmons Cowboys

Misiissippi College Chocotaws

Michigan Wolverines

New Mexico Ruinnin' Rebels

Oklahoma Sooners

Oklahoma St. Cowboys

Harvard Crimson

Texas Longhorns

Texas A & M Aggies

Two fantasy teams, replacing Toronto and Vancouver

And the All Star teams:

NCAA All Stars

High School Futures

Note :This i s a fantasy game. No actual college in Texas has hockey..or Oklahoma for that matter

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I don't think they have an actual hockey team, but how about the Rutgers Scarlet Knights, since their football team is all the rage :D

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hmm...actually I haven't had my own computer for the last three months, and i also officially lost the college rom i worked so damn hard on to finish. I definitely can assist mymy with the rom nowadays though.

And I'm sorry, but the idea of playing with teams that no one has even f**king heard of, is not better than playing with actual college teams. High school sports games would be pretty boring if they were regularly created, because the excitement and pagentry of college sports cannot compare. So i think i speak for everyone that making an actual college rom offering the top teams in the nation is in our best interest for now.

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Yo i think you guys forgot the team that went to the frozen four... UMASS Amherst... just got to think of the littler schools sometimes... if you put them in the rom i would definitly play it thanks

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wha...Umass did not make it to the frozen four. They made it to the National tourney, but got eliminated in the regionals. There's over 50 teams in div. 1 play. Kinda hard to accomodate everyone's favorite team in a rom with a 30 team limit.

I've been thinking about how to do this, and I wanna make this rom different from other roms. Since constantly updating player overalls is a bit of a pain, i was thinking about picking a team, and doing something that allows the owners to dictate what kind of teams they'll play with. Maybe letting the owners decide what their teams strength is (not weight, sorry, it's just kind of unfair). For example, a coach may want a team who has good defense and an exceptional goalie. But this means they'll have to settle for subpar offense.

A way this can be done is having a certain number of players in the 80s, 70s, 60s and lower. maybe 2 players in the 80s, or 1 in the 90s. This can get awfully complicated, as it's just an idea and i haven't really tried formulating an actual working system in seeing if this would actually work or not. If it doesn't, then I'll just decide which team is good at what based on the actual teams, and then owners would pick accordingly. I've said plenty of times that'll it will be finished by (insert date here) but i haven't had a computer in a long time so i haven't been able to work on it. I plan on working on it in may and june as soon i get some actual useful feedback instead of, 'WAN IZ DIS GUNNA BE FENISHED????'.

but as i mentioned before, there will just be numbers and no particular names. The numbers will just be randomized from 1-40 maybe, that seems to be the way it's done by most ncaa teams. But that's pretty much it. More will be decided as soon as finals are over for me.

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