All-Star Tournament


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Alright, I think it would be fun to do something different.

8 teams, 4 East, 4 West (if this works out this time I may expand it to 16 teams next time)

Basic bracketing system (seeds will be made randomly), which will result in an ASE vs ASW championship.

If you're interested in playing, Just post whether you'd like to be ASE or ASW. First come, first serve.


ASW: BSDaemon

ASW: pyl85

ASW: schwartz

ASW: hokkeefan

ASE: ThePimpImp

ASE: Halifax

ASE: shakazuzu

ASE: fenty

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Daemon, I forgot to say this last should mention that it is for SNES....

Although I know the first 6 that signed up are SNES players.


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I'm SNES...actually I don't really care either way (I'm just a PC guy) but I happened to download the SNES.

your intuition has served you well...young puckhead skywalker.....


i got nothin.

anyways...welcome :blink:

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me vs pimp....we've pretty much split all our games...but i think i can beat im if he puts barraso in nets..any chance of that pimp? :blink:

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Alright, in an effort to get games started this weekend, and since this is just a trial run to determine whether people like playing all star teams, I'm going to make these the rules:

All series are 3 games MINIMUM. Both players are allowed to (and encouraged to) decide beforehand if you would prefer to play 5 or 7 games in the series instead. It's optional. But it must be decided before you start playing.

Game formats go as follows:

3game -> Home, Away, Home

5game -> Home, Away, Home, Away, Home

7game -> Home, Home, Away, Away, Home, Away, Home

Home ice advantage can be determined any way that both players agree to, though a shootout is probably a good way of deciding. The winner of the shootout (or other method) gets to choose if they want home or away.

The ASE vs ASW finals will be 7 games. Home ice will be determined by goals AGAINST (I do it this way so that if a team has a couple blowout games against a weaker opponent, he's not guaranteed home ice advantage in the finals.)

Good luck everyone!!

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yeah pimp that's a good idea...or if you wanna fly to hali this week....the worlds largest pub crawl is taking place this weekend....a full night of beer drinking....first one to get thrown in the drunk tank wins home ice.

I'm willing to bet some of the capers already bought tickets for the event :D

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Hey guys, things are better now and I can still play this series if you like. If you already got Fenty no worries. I assumed that I would've put you guys behind by making you wait but I see no one else has logged anything yet.

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