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If you would like to join the league, please leave your aim here. Keep in mind we play a relatively fast-paced regular season. If you can't play 5-10 games per week, then you probably aren't a good candidate for a team in this league. This is not first come first serve. I will be taking the advice of current owners on how many and who to let into the league to keep it successful.

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straight stolen from my spring 06 campaign :)

You had Florida last season. + Your crew didn't have Miyagi as a personal trainer to perform healing rub on players who are out for the period. Mic (love's ya Rock) will also be at the helm to make sure everyone can catch the chicken.

This may have to go to NHL '94 PA Peoples Court.

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I play as long as I can have Dallas (or if they arent available, Montreal. If they arent available...Hartford)

Uuuuhhhh buddy, it's kinda late dont you think? The draft is already complete.

And besides, Smozoma already has Dallas, HABS has Montreal and Ranatoro has Hartford.

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i was promised Dallas ages ago.

we've been busy with the offseason for a few weeks, and i dont remember promising dallas to anyone. if you are able to play ~10 games per week, then i will add you to the waiting list.

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