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What is the best way to do rosters from scratch(for like the ECHL, and the IHL/UHL)????

Not sure exactly what you are asking... but here goes....

Decide how many goalies per team you want and set accordingly (e.g. all to three). This can be done later, but it can mess your lines up if you don't do it in a particular manor (which I wont go into detail about now).

Avoid using the free byte hacks until you really need the extra roster space. Free some space initally by changing one player to a 3 character name (e.g. "? ?"), and set all their attributes to 0. Then copy and paste that player over all other players in the team(s). Pasting supports multliselect so use Select All (or Ctrl+A) to paste (or Ctrl+V) over all the players in one hit. F8 to the next team. Paste again. Repeat. Turn Auto Bytes management on... and whammo.. create new rosters at will.

Don't do your lines until you are quite certain your rosters are pretty much complete.

Mack might be able to add a few tips.. as he's heavily worked on rosters with NOSE.... I personally haven't... as all my roster editing has basically been done to test the application for bugs.

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