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Yes, Montreal does seem to have that SPECIAL SOMETHING, that magic touch, can't quite put my finger on it. I've lost to Montreal against guys that admit they aren't better than me.

Chicago has the Tank Commander, there is no bigger advantage in the game!!

My roomate has played with LA for ten years (we play about 3 games a day still), and I have to say LA is the best team in the game.

1. Marty McSorly is one of the best hitters in the game and is BY FAR the hardest player to take down.

2. Tony Granato is the fastest player in the game, and has great pass accuracy, although he has terrible hands receiving passing on some days and so he's only playable about 40% of the time.

3. As mentioned, Sandstrom has the best shot in the game, is great on the faceoff (when played at centre), all around solid player.

4. Rob Blake is one of the best blends of offence and defence in the game. He has good hands, is very mobile, decent speed, good checking ability, and is one of the best at intercepting passes. SO many times my passes are intercepted by that guy when he has no business grabbing them.

5. All around, I think Jimmy Carson is one of the best players in the game. Not exceptional at anything, but just very good in every single category.

6. As a backup if LA's down a lot, Alexi Zhitnik is a weak defensive d-man but is one of the best offensive d-men in the game.

7. Wayne Gretzky and Kurri are way overrated, but it doesn't matter as there's lots of depth.

8. Luc Robataille, while not at Carson's level, is another extremely solid player that has no real weaknesses.

Playing Sandstrom at Centre, Jimmy on the wing, and then Granato on the wing (subbing Robataille if Granato's off his game) with Marty and Rob at D is probably the best lineup in the game in my opinion.

That said, I love my Detroit line of Ysebart at centre, with yzerman and fedorov on the wings, but I don't think they're as good.

Yup, my brothers team. LA is SOO deep. You can go to the bench for the President Jimmy Carter, Granato and his wheels of fire is so fast, Zhitnik, Robitaille!! Do you know what good players can do with Roitaille, INSANE.

I still think Chicago is number one, but man, LA is DEEP

LA?! SNES maybe? Definately not Genesis.

i've seen an expert handler of LA do serious damage with that squad. I would not discount them so cursorily.

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