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Importing a roater from 1 rom to another

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Hey everyone,

So I'd like to import my roster from my NHL 97 Opening Night to NHL 98 without having to remake all of the lines again. I already put the work into fixing every incorrect instance of players from NHL 98. This would serve as a great base to update 98 to opening night as well without having to do so much legwork all over again. The main issue I had was remaking all of the lines for 97 after copying and pasting each teams roster from the other game and updating them accordingly. Any help to simplify the process would be greatly appreciated. 

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Run 2 instances of NOSE, and you can copy/paste players between the windows, probably the lines as well

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1 hour ago, smozoma said:

probably the lines as well

Yes to this, but I will just add that it only pastes the order of the players. So if you simply copy/pasted the entire rosters from '98 and pasted them into '97, this will work.

But if you rearrange the order that the players are listed in the Players window in anyway, you will notice some issues.

ie: if your first line consists of the fourth, fifth, seventh, fifteenth and twentieth players in your list, then copy/pasting the line will select the players in those same slots to make your new line, even if you first rearranged the order of the original players for some other organizational purpose.

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