Buffalo Sabres Season Outlook

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Despite being an expansion team in season 2 of the draft league, the Buffalo Sabres are expecting big things to happen this season at the old Auditoriuom. Buffalo fans can expect to see a lot of goals as the Sabres will do everything they can to light the lamp en route to the Stanley Cup with goal scoring sensation Tomas Sandstrom leading the attack up front. He will be slapping home passes all season long off the stick of Sergei "Big Mak" Makarov and the gritty Terry Yake. Don Sweeney leads the defensive corpse for the Sabres that will be augmented by Sergei Bautin and Mark Howe. Manning the nets for the boys in blue will be human sieve, Tim Chevrolet.

Forwards- With a goal scorer like Sandstrom, the Sabres dont lack a supreme weapon of mass destruction, but things get pretty thin after that with Terry Yake and Sergei Makarov trying to add secondary goal scoring. If Big Mak and Yake can provide some pop, the Sabres will extremely dangerous to deal with. Brian Bellows is ready to hope over the boards at a moments notice to take his turns firing at net as well is vetern Ray "chicken parm" Ferraro.

Defense- Don Sweeney looks to have a boffo type season by sending shockwaves through the league with his massive body checks and offensive abilities from the back line. If any of Sergei Bautin, Mark Howe, or Roger Johansson can contribute with solid defensive performances, Sweeney will be allowed more leeway to attack the offensive zone.

Goalies- Tim Chevrolet is already on thin ice in Buffalo, he has been issued a minor league number by manager Juice Maker and has been nothing but shaky so far in the preseason. Stephane Fiset is a young up and coming goaltender who could see some valuable minutes in the season when Chevrolet fails.

Manager- Juice Maker is coming into the league looking for redemption after being unceremoniously booted from San Jose after losing the cup finals. He is a man on a mission, but with a far less superior team than the one he guided last season, his patience with this team will be the determianing factor between success and utter failure.

Season Outlook- Look for the Sabres to contend for the top spot in the Northeast division, but could be an early round casualty in the playoffs if this team is unable to find consistency.

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