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GENS: General Information About Editing NHL94

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Last Modified: July 14th, 2007

Hey guys,

This is another common question guys who sign up are looking for. General background information about editing or "modding" the game NHL94. Yes, it's totally possible to edit the game and is done all the time. We've been collecting information on this for years.

What should I know?

We have an entire forum area dedicated to editing the game. There's a good amount of users who work on mods, everything from creating the most recent NHL teams/rosters to draft league ROMs where the roster is chosen by the coaches. Most guys will help out with basic questions, but please read the basics here and in those threads before asking for information.

There are a few ways to go about making mods/edits. One way is to use wboy's editor. wboy is a member of the community who put together the software known as NOSE (NHL Old Skool Editor). You can visit his website to learn more about the software here: Basically he made the most common editing processes much easier. Using this software, you can easily setup a 30-team ROM with completely new player names, team names, player ratings, jersey numbers, and so on. Please check out his site for more information.

There is also another program known as Tile Molester. This is a program for manipulating the graphics (sprites) of the game. Between using NOSE and Tile Molester you are able to edit a good amount of data in the game. Tile Molester can be found here:

You will notice when you start editing that values in the game are coded in HEX. For some cases, you'll have to learn what the HEX value is for a color. For example, a light grey is EEEE. You may want to breifly read up on HEX values.

I have made turorials for editing the game here: It's not a complete list of tutorials to what can be done, but I will try to keep adding to it as we know more.

What can be edited?

This list continues to grow, but here's what I can think of at the moment:

01. The amount of teams in NHL94 (in turn the actual size of the ROM)

02. The amount of players per team (though there is a maximum)

03. The amount of teams shown at the startup screen

04. The color of the ice, and just about any color in the game

05. Player names, numbers, ratings, positions

06. Team names, colors, overall ratings

07. Center ice logos

08. Startup logos and banners

09. In-game banners

10. The graphics of the puck, net, crease, player's star, benches, penaltybox, player animations, basically any graphics during the game

11. The startup option defaults

12. Penalty names, lengths

13. Period lengths

14. The amount of players on the rink (hence the 2on2 league ROM)

15. The intro graphics

16. The in-game scoreboard graphics

There's probably more but this is a good start.

Where do I start?

As with most things, you'll need an idea and plan before you make any edits. Many edits will require multiple items to be affected. For example, if you decide to change a team's colors, then that will affect their ice logo colors as well. Alot of the beginner stages of editing will be trial and error. This is to be expected. This document is more of an overview on editing just to get you started.

Information on this page will be added/updated as I have time to put time into it. Hopefully this gets you started.


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Great read. Hope evan comes back

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