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I'm excited to release an updated ROM for SNES with current rosters as we haven't had one in a few years now. I've been working on it the last month or so.

Some notes about the ROM:

  • 28-team ROM replacing Campbell and Wales All Star teams with Nashville Predators and Vegas Golden Knights
  • Quebec becomes Colorado while Hartford becomes Carolina
  • Arizona(Utah), Columbus, Minnesota, and Seattle are all excluded as they were further down the standings. I hope to rotate the two All Star teams with the best of this bunch(including NSH/VGK)
  • Jerseys have been updated to match their current home/away colors
  • Rosters are current through the 23-24 trade deadline. I may have missed some add/drops but will look again this Fall
  • Advantages for Home/Away/PP/PK/Offense/Defense have been set up based on each team's 23-24 performance
  • Player portrait tool was run so everyone should have stock images
  • Lines are set based on overall, not by real life lines. Again, I will revisit this Fall when free agency has essentially ended.
  • I've set 1-minute penalties
  • Defense Control is enabled by default
  • Implemented a new hack from @McMarkis that reduces hitting the post and allows more goals. We'll see how it goes.
  • I've attached a CSV containing the rosters as well as team rankings


Special thanks to @AdamCatalyst for sharing his NHL 24 rosters with me and providing some tools to grab ratings from EA's NHL 24 game. I was able to use both as a starting point before going through the rosters myself to make alterations.

Thanks to @McMarkis for his various ROM hacks(1min penalties, post hack, etc.) as always.


Team Ratings:

Here are the team ratings. I've also attached them as a PDF:





NHL 24 Team Rankings - NHL 24.pdf nhl24.smc SNES NHL 24 Import.csv

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