Gens+ emulator with saving during netplay enabled

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By special demand, I bring you Gens+ with saving during netplay allowed. As Scribe99 says, it's compatible with gens 2.11 and gens-netplaysave on kaillera, so can be used in the league with no problems.

See attached file for the new EXE file.

If you already have Gens+

If you already have gens+, then unzip the EXE file to the same directory as gens+.exe. The new version is called gens+netplaysave.exe -- be sure to update your shortcut if you you have one. By placing the new version in with the old version, you shouldn't need to set up your controller again.

If you don't already have Gens+

If you don't have Gens+, then download "Gens+ v0.0.9.61" from and unzip it somewhere. You need this for all the supporting files, such as the Kaillera DLL.

Then, unzip the new EXE file to the same directory as gens+.exe. Run the new version of the EXE instead of the old one -- the new one is called gens+netplaysave.exe.


Gens+ compresses save states by default. That screws up the uploading of save states in the league. You need to disable this feature by going Options->Configuration->uncheck "Compress Save States." While you're in there, also uncheck "Add states files preview shot" -- this makes the save a little smaller by not including a screenshot inside the save.


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An additional note about this emulator is that it is compatible with gens 2.11 and gensnetplay, which means you can play your league games with this emulator even if the other person is playing with gens or gensnetplay. For my pc, this emulator runs smoother than the other two.

Gensplus also has the cool feature of being able to record movies online. After you start up your game, mouse over the file tab and click record movie. To stop it, you use the same tab and click on stop movie. There may be shortcut keys which I haven't found. Since the movie file only plays within the emulator itself, to record it as an avi you will need to play the movie file in the emulator after your game and then record your desktop as an avi file. I'm told this can be done with VirtualDub. Then just upload it somewhere like youtube.


Thanks to Smozoma we now have another option available to play our league games with.

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is it compatiable with straight gens? like the old one

You should be able to play using this emu against someone running gens 2.11 or gens-netplay. Not sure what the 'old one' is..

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When you go into netplay with this, the options are there but there are black bars over some of them. To enter IP, you click on the third black bar on the bottom of the kaillera window,

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I always use this but the only problem with it is that thing about compressing save states

It likes to randomly make it compressed again so if you go to upload a savestate to the website and it gives you an error first thing you do it check the settings to make sure the savestate isn't being compressed.

If it is compressed all you have to do is unclick compress save states (also i think the add preview to the savestates messes with it as well so unclick that too) then load it in gens+ and resave the savestate real quick so it's not compressed :)

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