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hi guys, i have been working on "simulating" the 2005-06 season using nhl94 (genesis ver) and tracking the stats along the way.

by simulating, i mean using the frame skip option in gens+, and then inputting the stats into a database i have. i am using the rosters from (i lowered the goalie ratings) i am about midway thru the season, and i try to sim games every day or so.

just thought some folks may find it interesting...........

the league can be found here, OSHL

let me know what you think :)

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Like I told you before, just awesome. Thanks for all your help as well.

A wicked idea and a great way about doing it.

umm is it just me, but what exactly is the point/meaning of this? why do I wana see simmed games :)

on the other hand that site looks sick.. now if only it was a real league

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Your league is very interesting. Reminds me of a season my cousin and I did.

We played every game out with every team in a 40 game season with the original nhl94. Our results were similar how the forwards for the most part score goals alot more than get assists. Someone like Sakic having like 48 goals and 8 assists is common in 94. Usually the Centers would be the biggest culprit of that.

The defensemen get much less points in proportion to the amount of scoring that goes on in 94. It is interesting to see.

And btw, your website is very nice. Do you handle all the php/database work? Looking good.


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yeah, the centres are dominating points/goals. defencemen get alot of pims. (although i think pronger has like 12 goals)

yes, i do all the php/database work.

HABS, i cant think of any reason why the database would not work with a real league. (by real i guess you mean online). i have no experience with online leagues, but if someone who runs one would like to try using my stuff, i would be more than glad to set it up for them.

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