NHL '94 2007 Playoff Edition

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Hey, who named your editor anyways?

Noooooo.... I stole that idea from the graphics you posted here... just like you stole my banner concept! :P I guess that makes us even.... :lol:

Now release the rom damn you... I want to see this new hack you mention in action... rip it off, document it, and claim it as my own! :blink:

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I think it is yours anyways :lol:

yeah okay... maybe somewhat... but lets not forget my new uber talented friend thats helping us with these finds.... hold tight people... all will be revealed soon... and more... :blink:

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OK it's out. I hope you enjoy it.

WBOY has some cool new features figured out now but I'll let him tell you guys about it.

Fatigue, stamina, recovery, speed burst length (or no speed burst) can now be messed with and I'll let him talk about it.

I implemented the fatigue into this years game. Players tire a little faster and don't recover as fast forcing you and the computer to use all 3 lines. I feel it makes the deeper (better) teams stand out more. You can't just play one line for 3 or 4 minutes anymore.

Obviously this doesn't affect you if you have line changes off.

I know everyone won't agree on ratings, stats etc... but I wanted some teams to feel different than others. You'll know if you're using or playing against a good team compared to a bad one.

Some cool new stuff: new intro screens (thanks wboy) stick tape and dark eyes on white jersey players added (thanks clockwise), coach and scorekeepers added in game, bench areas don't show the ice color anymore, anaheim and buffalo updated, ron maclean welcoming you to the game and various other touch ups.

ALso let me know of any errors you find, numbers or whatever here errors thread


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I just need to adjust Atlanta's logo (as the uniform is now the light blue) and then I'll get the revised hack out. A day or two boys.

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