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Does anyone have a file of the music they play during intermission in the Genesis version of NHL 94...

I produce Buffalo Sabres radio broadcasts as was hoping to use it during our intermission segments. Thanks in advance... :)

I can't help you with that, but I have to say that if I were listening to a NHL radio broadcast and that music came on during intermission I would start giggling like a little girl.

Though I actually like NHLPA '93's "badass" intermission music even more.

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Well I was looking through the files on the NHL94.com site and it turns out one of the SNES music files sounds pretty close to what I was looking for, but I would still like to find the Genesis version.....

You can listen to our boradcasts through NHL.com any game night just pick the Sabres feed and you'll hear our intermission segments.

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Download Kega Fusion as many find it's sound reproduction more authentic compared to Gens.

Open the ROM. Under the sound menu make sure 44100Hz is ticked.

Just before the intermission, start a WAV log (under the Sound menu again) and give it a filename. Select the WAV log option again to stop recording.

Oh.. and finally, ring EA to obtain permission to use the copyrighted material! :)

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