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HOW TO: [9X Hack] Player Energy


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Within this post you will find three hacks effectively. The are:

1: Unlimited Player Stamina with Lines Changes On! - change 3580 to 6002

This hack stops players on the rink from losing energy. Thus effectively gives the game a mode it never had. "Line Changes: On", with the full energy arcade feel of "Line Changes: Off". Technically this could somewhat be achieved by setting the depletion rate below to 0000.

2: Player/Line Stamina Depletion Rate (Rink) - change 0021 (or 001E) to ????

This hack changes the master value/rate at which players on the rink lose their energy (together with their stamina rating). Raise the value to effectively force more line changes. Remember the value is Hexadecimal.

3: Player/Line Stamina Recovery Rate (Bench) - change 0009 to ????

This hack changes the master value/rate at which players on the bench (and penalty box?) recover their energy. Remember the value is Hexadecimal. 0009 = 9, 0010 = 16, not 10 (which is 000A).

Additional Info:

Within the game, each player has a $1000 hex energy total. Offsets to set this value at the start of each periods, and also the maximum recovery (also set to $1000) are known. I haven't cared to post them here as the line energy bars won't effectively draw accurately if you alter/increase these values. If anyone is interested in having all players start with less than full, or only be able to recover to 90% of the full value, let me know and I'll post it for you. As mentioned though, the line energy bars will have minor display glitches doing so, which is why I think you're just better off messing with the depletion/recovery rates to get the balance you desire.

Thanks to Tony H for the initial finds.


[GoodGen 3.0 ROM Name]

#: $ [ROM Hex Offset]:[Original Hex Value]

NHL 94 (UE) [!]

1: $ 015782:3580

2: $ 010D42:0021

3: $ 007A1A:0009

EA Hockey (E) [!]

1: $ 00CFBA:3580

2: $ 0086B8:0021

3: $ 00449A:0009

NHL Hockey (U) [!]

1: $ 00D38A:3580

2: $ 008AC6:0021

3: $ 00485C:0009

NHLPA Hockey '93 (UE) (REV01) [!]

1: $ 01136E:3580

2: $ 00D4E2:0021

3: $ 0066AE:0009

NHLPA Hockey '93 (UE) (REV00)

1: $ 011356:3580

2: $ 00D4CA:0021

3: $ 0066A0:0009

NHL 95 (UE) [!]

1: $ 07DBD2:3580

2: $ 08C1C2:0021

3: $ 07DB62:0009

NHL 95 Elitserien (E) [c][!]

1: $ 07B13E:3580

2: $ 08998A:0021

3: $ 07B0CE:0009

NHL 96 (UE) [!]

1: $ 01FB4C:3580

2: $ 01ACF8:001E

3: $ 014B04:0009

NHL 96 Elitserien (E)

1: $ 01D37E:3580

2: $ 018486:001E

3: $ 012264:0009

NHL 97 (UE) [!]

1: $ 024CEC:3580

2: $ 01F93E:001E

3: $ 0190AA:0009

NHL 98 (U) [c][!]

1: $ 02511C:3580

2: $ 01FD48:001E

3: $ 0194AE:0009

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This will be extremely helpful in 95 where I believe that stamina is depleted far too fast. Thanks Tony and wboy!

Interesting... test that further and report back on it if you will. The values have been the same EA/92 > 95, as they are the same for 96 > 98. Kind of implies there yet another value master value that impacts on the stamina.... hmmmm.... :lol:

Oh, and I forgot to add in the original post that the best ROM to test the value is either NHL Hockey (92) or EA Hockey as the Lines energy bars (showing the summary of the line's player energy total) is on screen all the time.

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"Unlimited Player Stamina with Lines Changes On!"

I tried accomplishing that on snes but it's gotta be some other number on that one, heh.. I switched all occurrences, both Little and Big Endian but no result... Well one of the ~10 or so made the game freeze mid game. I thought, since it was the same value on all games for Genesis it probably would be the same for snes as well, maybe I missed something..

That's one of the 9x hacks that I'm really interested in. Don't like the game play of tired players, never did heh... Semi-auto line changes ftw! Being able to alter the speed boost sounds a bit interesting, but the turning speed even more so! Can probably change game play by an insane amount! For good, for bad? Who knows...

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"Unlimited Player Stamina with Lines Changes On!"

I tried accomplishing that on snes but....

did you (anybody) make any attempt at converting the others (deplete/recover rates) for SNES? I was thinking of trying it, but so far a VERY low percentage of endian conversions are holding, so I think I'll skip trying this stuff, for now.

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On 5/10/2020 at 9:27 AM, Demians33 said:

I've been playing around with the offset values with inconsistent results in trying to get a 'rolling lines' pace  - wboy would you mind posting the location for the $1000 hex energy total offset? 

Unfortunately I don't think @wboy is actively hacking '94 these days, this post is 13 years old.  Not sure if this answer may have been posted elsewhere already on the site?  I haven't looked into energy much myself.

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