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[9X Hack] C button Speed Burst


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This hack allows you to control the multiplying factor that gets applied against your current speed to when the C button is pressed and you are not in possession of the puck.

The default value for all years is $20 hex (32 x) which is set via a different method, which this hack modifies.

To alter this value, change the bytes EE48 to 70?? ... where ?? equals multiplying factor in hex.

7001 (1 x) effectively disables the thrust (though the animation still occurs).

7010 (16 x) halves the game default, making it less effective to chase down a break away.

7040 (64 x) makes your player zoom across the rink with bouncing off all in his way.

Set it too high (7060 or above for your novelty roms) and it can cause you players to zoom backwards (wont explain why here, but there is valid reasons!).

NHL 96 onwards actually have two places where you need to set this value. One is used for human controlled (star focused) player, the other is used for CPU controlled players (yes, even those on your team).

Thanks to Tony H. for his assistance in this find.


[GoodGen 3.0 ROM Name]

#: $ [ROM Hex Offset]:[Original Hex Value]

NHL 94 (UE) [!]

$ 00BB88:EE48

EA Hockey (E) [!]

$ 0054C6:EE48

NHL Hockey (U) [!]

$ 005886:EE48

NHLPA Hockey '93 (UE) (REV01) [!]

$ 0098AE:EE48

NHLPA Hockey '93 (UE) (REV00)

$ 009896:EE48

NHL 95 (UE) [!]

$ 00AAAC:EE48

NHL 95 Elitserien (E) [c][!]

$ 007FD2:EE48

NHL 96 (UE) [!]

$ 016912:EE48 - CPU controlled

$ 01695A:EE48

NHL 96 Elitserien (E)

$ 0140A0:EE48 - CPU controlled

$ 0140E8:EE48

NHL 97 (UE) [!]

$ 01B00E:EE48 - CPU controlled

$ 01B056:EE48

NHL 98 (U) [c][!]

$ 01B412:EE48 - CPU controlled

$ 01B45A:EE48

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