What controller do you use?

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What do you guys use?

It seems a lot of these newer controllers with the analog sticks don't allow to use the good old fashioned d-pad. Any recommendations on a good responsive controller?

There's gotta be a genesis to usb adapter out there right? I've scoured the internet with no success.

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I play with Playstations 2 controllers, using usb adapters.. (got a bunch :P ) I have never seen a pc gamepad with even a half assed d-pad, they are all rubbish imo, I like the old school d-pads (Sega Saturn controllers has the *best* d-pad).

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Logitech Cordless Rumblepad 2

Just hit the Mode button and youre using D-pad over Analog. Im getting use to the Analog now, so I prefer it over D-pad eventhough I have the option.

No cord, just plug into your front USB slot and away you go!

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Oh my GOD!!!


For PC!! Gaaah!!! *gets totally crazed* I wonder if that can be bought in Europe!

:P:D :D :D :D

Direct link to it: http://www.play-asia.com/paOS-13-71-1i-77-...pad-70-cj4.html

As I said, best d-pad ever!! It is TOTALLY PWN! Holy crap, I can't belive it's available for pc! Even though I have some ~6 Playstation 2 controllers for my pc already, this would be the cream on the cheese! And btw. I've already went through two Gravis Gamepad Pro's, and I do NOT recommend them (one usb and one on game-port)! Go with a PS2 controller (or maybe a Logitech copy, said to be pretty good).

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I was looking for recommendations for friends of mine that are starting to play nhl online. A bunch of em bought the Logitechs. Seems to work just fine.

Ahh the sega saturn pad. I personally use one with a USB adapter. Its rocks. Real nice layout for fighting games and the d-pad is near perfect. Unfortunately they are near impossible to find or you have to get one shipped from overseas.

I have an extra Saturn pad (non-usb) if anyone is interested.

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