Playing with the New York Islanders

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In the NHL94 online league I ended up with the Islanders. Not the greatest team in the world, nor is it the worst. I just don’t know how to use em. I've played some really skilled opponents out there and have taken a beating. Maybe I'm just F'd but are there any recommendations for a newbie internet player using this team?

• EXTREMELY weak defensively and seriously lacks any checking ability

• Horrible Goalies

• Mediocre Scorers (IMO)

o Hogue – Rated fast but feels like molasses. Pretty good shot accuracy. Can’t hit at all.

o Turgeon – A hot and cold player. Sometimes he has a shot but most days he is average at best. Again, he can’t hit.

o Thomas – He’s one of those guys that is rated decently as a checker but in reality he can’t hit at all.

o King – I use this guy because he “sometimes” has a shot. He falls when someone breathes on em. Again, he can’t hit

o Ferraro – Another hot and cold player. Again, Cant hit.

• Horrible Defensemen

o Malakov – this guy (IMO) is worthless. (Can’t hit, Can’t skate, Can’t shoot)

o Kasparitis – The ONLY guy that I am aware of that can hit. (Mediocre at best) But that’s about all he can do.

• Penalties – Normally with penalties off, you can make due for the lack of checking ability by hooking a player with the A button. But can’t risk having a guy in the box with such a weak bench.

Again, I’m just looking for some tips to be competitive with this team.

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The only way to be effective with a team like the NYI imo against a juggernaut like Chicago or Detroit is probably puck possession and precision passing .

You will most likely have to play keep away the entire contest and be very good in face-offs: try to lure the opposition into your zone; and hope you can generate some odd-man rushes through quick outlet passes. If you play a superior deffensive team, one-timers would be your best chance to score since you probably won't be able to get in real tight.

Try to configure your lines with the fastest skaters in order to compensate for their deficiencies, keep your fastest line fresh and try not to over persue the opposition.

I still don't see how you would have any chance against a smart veteran who's playing with a team like Chicago or Buffalo.

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I think your best chance is to kill off the owner of a good team & take it over.

lol, Ive played with the isles a bit the last few days. They really arent that bad as their first line is a decent, they can finish plays off well but lack in speed (besides hogue) and they do lack in checking. On the road this is a tough team to play with. But at home I think they can compete with anybody. Hogue can check at home and Turgeon when hes hot can take over a game and yes can check very well too, only when hes hot though. Glenn Healy sometimes lets some weak ones in but hes usually gona keep you in the game, hes solid.

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