AHL 06-07 for NHL '95 for PC

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Hey everyone. I am currently working on an AHL update for NHL '95 for PC. So far I have done all the jerseys/in-game logos and have 10 rosters/ratings done. I've done extensive research for prospects' ratings and all in all I think this is going to be a really cool project. Here is a screenshot of some of the jerseys:


Also included will be a 3rd jersey switcher and HTML webpage-style team reports.

ALSO, I could REALLY REALLY use any experienced rom hackers' help. I've gotten ahold of a couple avid NHL 95 pc users who have been very helpful - but anyone who has attempted to edit graphics in this game knows that it's real pain to edit the ice and logos for starting lineup screen/schedule. I'm VERY experienced with graphic editing in itself, and I've painstakingly tried to follow the guides in NHLinfo for editing the graphics, but I'm having a hard time - I can find the stuff to edit but I can't load the palettes properly. There was a guy who posted on here saying he did graphic updates years ago, basically anyone who might be able to help, it would be most appreciated and I promise you would be contributing to a worthwhile project (and would of course recieve credit). If someone could figure it out and just give me a brief tutorial, I am willing to and anticipating doing the leg work. You can email or personal message me if need be. Other than that, I'm hoping to have the rosters completed within 2 weeks and will then upload them here!

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Those edits look sweet. No one has taken it upon themselves to update 95 PC with current NHL rosters and jerseys have they?

I have. Updated rosters for NHL95pc as of today's date. I'm currently play testing & adding statistics for all players from 06-07 season. I posted about this in '95 forum. It would REALLY be great to have someone update some of the jerseys as I am not familiar with graphics editing. In any event the rosters & stats will be ready for full season action in coming weeks.

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