30 team rom for NHLPA93


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in the nhl93 section of the forum clockwise just opened up an nhlpa93 site and i believe there is a rom there creayed by byatch based on the 2006 season, it may have 30 teams but i havent checked it out myself to make sure, that should be your best bet though.

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It's coming....

ooh ooh OOH OHH :)

quick, before i EXPLODE WITH EXCITEMENT!!!!!!

this is going to be great, as i plan to use NHLPA93 for my my international rom :blink:

but a question about the hack?

how many teams can be actually added?

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Guest cr0ssbar94
Sorry, quite slow. Rosters are almost 90% done.

Still waiting on some things from a few friends. Hang tight, I am too.

I'm working on hack myself. I've figured out a way to get home team colors on the ice. Its basically just a square, with half the square one color and half the other color of the home team. To me its a major breakthrough, heh! This game deserves a nice hack and noone to date has paid enough attention to this rom. I like editing graphics but have no time/patience for rosters. Also, I figured out a way to hack the crease to 1980's and early 90's style. It looks about 90% accurate I would say (not perfect, minor imperfections due to the limitations of the game being compressed, I had to use graphics in the game already and piece them together in Hex Editor. But its close).

I plan on releasing "NHLPA 91" shortly.

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