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w00t Signed up!


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You guys can see who signed up here: http://www.nhl94online.com/html/waiting-list.php

This list will populate as people sign up, and will show game preference, Snes/Gens, etc. Once registration is over and we place guys in leagues, you names will be taken off the waiting list and into a league.



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id just like to see what teams everyone picked first :D

evan: if two coaches pick the same team as their 1st choice, how is it determined who gets which?

I'm not Evan, but the first step is randomly assigning the coaches in a sort-of draft order, and then going down their team preferences. So the first coach will definitely get his #1 pick, the second coach will get his #1 pick if it's still available (otherwise his #2 pick), and so on.

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Yay, I'm in the 20. Evan, if you need another warm body for the 40, I'll take that instead of the 20. Just put me someplace where I could win 3 games :(

I picked Detroit first, but nothing ever goes right for SSiG, so he won't get that :P

During the season since I have nothing better to do, if anyone's interested, I'll have an NHL 94 chatroom up on AIM. You can come in, talk about your games and such...all without having to open Gens.

Chatroom is nhl94. Have at it :P

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