GENS: Fall League Breakdowns

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Oh look, I got HABS Gens Draft League team... ok, you don't have to scroll up... it's Montreal.

And when I saw that pick, all that came to mind was...

"I want to party all the time, party all the time, party all the tiiiiiimmmme"


BEN, SEBE, EGG circle up... Montreal unite!!!

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When does the schedule come out?

In Gens C there are 18 teams, so I take it I would play teams in the other divisions twice each, teams in my division 3 times each and make up the remainder wherever?

I'm just glad I got the St. Louis Blues.


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the original mtl is almost my draft team 3/6 atleast, i like my draft team better though. Better defence, YUSHKEVICH= awesome with Ellet, and shanny > muller

btw when is draft league starting again?

And when is this league starting, I heard monday? Setup a preseason this weekend maybe?

Good luck all montreals

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HEY Evan,

Is there any way i can change teams before the league starts

Im in GENS D and i have STL

I was wondering if i could switch to VAN cuz nobody is the canucks?

If it isnt possible its no big deal

my username is puckster92

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I can't believe some one picked Quebec first other than me. Oh well Montreal isn't shabby so I should stop complaining. ;)

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for the playoffs, How about after each league has their championship...we have the winner of GENS A VS GENS B, and GENS C VS GENS D

hopefully playoffs and season dont drag out like they usually do.

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That's actually a nice idea :)

Maybe that can be done for next season, if it's too late to change it for this one?

We could have a little round-robin tournament dealie, to determine the true champion in the Gens leagues.

Gens D @ Gens A

Gens C @ Gens B

Gens B @ Gens D

Gens C @ Gens A

Gens A @ Gens B

Gens D @ Gens C

Swap pairings for a 2nd stage of group play :P

Something along the lines of those Round Robin pairings, and the top 2 play against each other in a best of 7 for the league-wide championship.

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Yes, a (Gens-A vs. Gens-B champs) and (Gens-C vs. Gens-D champs) 7-game series would be cool to do after the season is over. It's possible we could implement this into the league though we won't have much buffer time between leagues. Playoffs won't 'drag' because there are set deadlines for them already.


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  • 2 weeks later...
Dallas.. eeehhhxcellent.

Except, did I actually pick Dallas ahead of Toronto (who weren't picked)? I remember in the last season, there seemed to be something wrong with my pick of Toronto: I got an earlier team pick than the guy who ended up with Toronto, and I know for sure I put Toronto ahead of the Rangers! I'm beginning to suspect some sort of bug in the system. Or that I'm not using the form properly.

I stumbled across a file containing my team picks for this season of the Classic league: I did indeed pick Dallas with my first pick! Sorry for doubting you!

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