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NHL '94 Record Keeper 3.0 - NHL '91 Mod Version


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*** This is only compatible with the NHL '91 Mod by Clockwise ***

Special Thanks to Clockwise for making the Mod and for allowing me to use his logos and awesome player cards.

The link below will let you download the .exe directly.

Double click on the .exe and follow the instructions.

When running the program for the first time, a window will pop up saying that certain files and folders are missing. This is normal, just click ok and the program will automatically create the files or folders in the appropriate place. (They are just files and folders that are coded into the .exe to save on program space and size.)

Once it is finished you will be the main menu will appear.

There is a READ ME.doc with simple instructions and pictures to help you out.

Hopefully, I have made the program and the instructions straight-forward enough. But, if there are any questions and feedback, do not hesitate to post them here, or by giving me PM.

Also, I have tried to find all the bugs and errors, but that does not mean I have found them all. If at any time the program crashes or you get an error message, please let me know ASAP and I will try to fix the error and put up a newer release.


- Game Stats Display (Extract stats from a save state and display them to the screen, then save them to Season or Coach's Stats)

- Exhibition Mode (just saves Coaches' Stats)

- Season Mode (saves Player, Team, and Coaches' Stats)

- Season Stats (Player, Team, Standings, League Leaders, Full Playoffs, All-Time Records)

- Coach Stats (Individual Stats for each Coach/User; similar to Team Stats) - used in both Season and Exhibition Games

- Webpage Generation (For a classic view of your season/coaches stats, or for running a league)

- Season Customization (play a full 82 game season (or 20, or 150))

I hope everyone can and does enjoy this. Even if you dont use it to its full functionality, hopefully people can get some use out of it.


NHL '94 Record Keeper 3.0 - NHL '91 Version


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