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I experimented with this several times, but now with the Official Leagues underway, I figure now is a great time to bring'em out. I also figure that this would be a great way to discuss your current season, or moan about how bad you're getting beaten :unsure:

On AIM, Invite yourself to chatroom name "nhl94" without the quotes

This chat will give you a great chance to talk about your league this season, without having to make a post on here that might or might not be relevant or make sense :P

I'll be in there, and I hope to see you there as well.

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Not sure if its possible through Trillian but certainly through GAIM which is another multi chat sort of program.

Thanks for the room SSiG and although I haven't run across many people in there yet I've visited and talked to myself about nhl94 before. Everytime I'm on AIM though I'll be in there as well

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