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Hello folks,

Well here it is. 07 roster updates for NHL95 pc. I had to stop editing because I realized I could just keep going & going. :D

All teams are up to date as of Sept 16, 2007.

All stats are from the 06-07 season, except team penalty minutes. Nhlinfo won't let you enter values over 1000.

Playoff statistics were not entered.

Training camp invitees were not placed on their try-out teams pending making the team. I placed about 100 or so top prospects from past 2 years in the free agent list. These players names, positions & hand are the only correct attributes. Ratings were not done for them.

I guess that's about it. So keep on editing cause I am not perfect and neither are these rosters. Enjoy!

Thanks to Three Stars for his jersey update. Super job!

Oh and one more thing...don't use Jason Voorhees as a goalie. He'll kill your game.

Seem to have a bit of problem uploading type of file. Anyone know why? :)

email me for rosters. thegouster@earthlink.net

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Guest cr0ssbar94
<a href="http://www.wikifortio.com/478613/07roster.zip" target="_blank">http://www.wikifortio.com/478613/07roster.zip</a>

Kiba, I'll try and make one with Nashville & Columbus in the All Star spots.

Do you know anywhere to download NHL 95 for the dosbox? I think NHL95.com used to have it, but that site is gone now. Thanks! Always wanted tyo play '95 for the PC. I actually have the game itself but no computer to play it on.

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Very cool! Thank you for rosters, had to register to the forum to get it :). Good that im registered, such a lovely game.

Anyway, i just really got into NHL95 (again) about 6 months ago, managed to take a months break, but now its forcing me to take another season.. Probably worst players available (with a few proper ones) and trackball mouse again :huh:. Without the left click trip usage, fake-shot and sure goal-moves usage of course too :P! One-timers are one-timers though, you keep on doing them cause they are so pretty! Thats a fun challenge anyway :).

But i have a question too. I was just wondering what is that playoff scheldule.zip for? Do i add it in the save directory when the playoffs start? Just asking so that i wont get my season crashing! Thanks.

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