WHA 78 NHLPA93 Hack

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Currently working on a WHA 77-78 season hack of NHLPA 93. I've got 6 of the 8 teams done (Quebec and Winnipeg left to finish, but I've got the jerseys), complete with jerseys. The only thing I need help with is the banners, which haven't been figured out yet in 93 as far as I know. Theonly reason I prefer 93 to 94 for this is because of the fighting. Gotta get those Carlson brothers fights, y'know.

Anyone have any input as to how I should fill in the other teams in the rom? Other suggestions?

I have some screenshots, but for some reason I can't attach them. Admins? Mods?

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All 8 teams and ratings 100% finished. Winnipeg and Quebec probably have the best team ratings, New England, Edmonton, and Houston are good, Birmingham and Cincinnati below average, and Indianapolis is terrible.

Highest overall rated players:

Marc Tardif (QUE) 94 OA

Real Cloutier (QUE) 92 OA

Mark Howe (NE) 90 OA

Ulf Nilsson (WPG) 88 OA

Anders Hedberg (WPG) 88 OA

Bobby Hull (WPG) 85 OA

Andre Lacroix (HOU) 85 OA

Serge Bernier (QUE) 82 OA

Kent Nilsson (WPG) 81 OA

Robbie Ftorek (CIN) 79 OA

Al Hamilton (EDM) 75 OA

Gordie Howe (NE) 75 OA

I need a little help editing the Opening Screen (I just want to change it to say WHA 78 instrad of NHLPA 93), the team ratings (a little lazy to find, I forgot where they are) and the banners (might not be possible).

I also think that I should fill the extra teams somehow. I can't find any All Star team information, other than it was Quebec vs the All Stars and Marc Tardif and Mark Howe were the co-MVPs.

Anyway, should I release as-is, or keep on truckin?

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I always care about the new ROMs people put out, but I'm utterly useless in terms of giving advice - I'm the furthest thing you'll find from a ROM hacker around here. I drink the beer, but I can't make it. That said, I think this is a great project. I'm not exactly sure how you should fill in the extra teams, but my advice is to have fun with them instead of striving for some sort of authenticity. Make an awesome, all-star caliber team. Make a team that's worse than the worst expansion team on the original ROM. Make a team full of 99 speed guys who fall over when you breathe on them (all skinny guys from NES Hockey). Make a team full of bruisers slower than molasses but who are terrors on the ice (all fat guy from NES Hockey). Make some balanced teams. Give your audience some really cool options for who to play against, instead of killing yourself to replicate all real teams. I think you've already knocked that out with the 8 teams you've done.

To post the screen shots, my advice is to use imageshack.us or tinypic.com.

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Sweet idea on the fun teams. Maybe about 17 or so of the guys aroud here ate NHL94.com want to be on a team. Anyone want in, post here or PM me. No god players please (between 48-72 OA would be good for anyone.)

Figuring on a Goon Squad (McSorley, Domi, Probert, Twist, Ray, etc.) as one of the teams.

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Status: Slow but steady.

Complete: 1977-78 Season Rosters and Uniforms for all 8 teams. 1976-77 Season Uniforms for all teams, Birmingham, Calgary and Cincinnati rosters.

To come: Rest of 1976-77 Rosters, Modified rating for Matchup Screen.

Need Help On: Making the puck blue or red, All Star Teams, Banners (Not Possible at present time), Replacing Ron Barr with a WHA announcer (any ideas?), and any feedback ideas.

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I haven't really done any hacking recently, though I would guess that to change the puck color you'd have to use a color from the rink pallette. That's why you probably get pink, ice color, etc because you're using the rink pallette. There isn't a blue in that pallette? Never opened the '93 Rom in a hex/app editor, but I would imagine you can change rink pallette colors once you found the offset.

Hope that helps in some way,


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