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Jrodimus, the coach of the Calgary Flames(Gens C) has been placed on the IR list due to the following injury:

RT thumb tendonitis

This injury was sustained after repeated one timer attempts while playing arch rival Vancouver during their recent home-and-home series

Team doctors have instructed Jrod to refrain from any type of repetitive hand motion until he is cleared to play

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Calgary,Alb.- Flames coach Jrodimus made an unexpected, triumphant comeback tonight against the rapidly improving Maple Leafs.

As reported on tsn.ca last week, Jrod wasn't expected to be cleared to play until early October.

To his entire staff's suprise, the coach arrived at the Saddledome before tonight's scheduled game wearing a specially designed thumb brace.

Said Jrod,"the brace limited my abilities as far as one-timers, but I had to come back. I couldn't stand to see my team drop any more in the standings."

When questioned about the rumors circulating about the validity of his injury and a brief stint in rehab, the Flames' coach simply snickered and walked away from reporters.-AP

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I feel for ya man. Me and Mylec were joking last night about the94 injured reserve list. I hurt my knee power skating yesterday, because I have to walk to another dorm to get good kaillera connection kupuck is also on injured reserve list with a day to day injury.

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