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i was also just placed as head coach of buffalo. im avalible most of the time after 4 pm EST time. what do i need to log games?

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Welcome aboard guys, and I see you are both cool with logging games. Lets help these guys get some games in to get back on track.

Goodluck guys,


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Hey Evan,

Out of curiosity, what is the policy of replacement coaches? These guys are allowed some sort of leniency when it comes to the next check point or two right?


Yeah i was wondering that too though i think im ok i only need 6 more games to checkpoint

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Good call kuapuck. That's not something we separately addressed from all other coaches in the rules. I'd have to discuss with Evan and the other admins in order to get an official response placed in the rules but here's my initial take on it. We'd like to see replacement coaches get caught up immediately but there would definitely be some leniency if they don't. In this case for coaches replaced after the first checkpoint, if they got up to 12 or 14 games by the 2nd checkpoint, we would likely send them an e-mail just letting them know they need to get entirely caught up by the 3rd checkpoint. Less than that would probably trigger a probation e-mail or removal depending on their activity. We'll discuss this soon and have some clarity to this situation added to the rules.

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