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I'm at an impasse editing the home/visitor banners at the menu screen for my rom hack. Looking at wboy's tile molester reference screen shots, this should be an easy edit. Maybe I'm just making it hard for myself and the solution is really easy, I just haven't figured it out yet.

I use the 2nd and 3rd colors on the first palette and the 4th and 5th colors on the 2nd palette for each team's banner colors. However, whenever I make a change to the 4th or 5th colors on the 2nd palette it affects the graphic shown from the 1st.

Here is an example of what I am coming across. This is the 2nd team in my rom, so it is the 3rd and 4th palettes.

In the 3rd palette, the first 3 color positions are cyan, blue, and gray. In the 4th palette, the first 5 color positions are pink, magenta, magenta, blue and gray. However, here is how it ends up looking when I set it to those colors:





The graphic shown from the 4th palette should be all magenta right? So when I use the flood fill tool to make it all magenta (from any of the magenta positions in the palette), it does make the graphic all magenta, but it also affects the previous palette's graphic:


Palette 4 edited


Palette 3 as a result of edit

So how have the other hacks turned their banner all magenta from the team's 2nd palette while not affecting the banner from the 1st palette?

I would appreciate any feedback from this question. I assume it's an easy fix, but nothing I try seems to work for me.

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I forget how I ended up using the fill tool, but I know I started by changing the values in the palette.

I got it to work now, so I just thought I'd pass along this information for anyone else using Tile Molester.

When you import in a graphic with a given palette, it matches the colors the best it can to the active palette. If a color is repeated in a palette, as magenta is here, the first occurence of that color in the palette is the position in the palette that gets assigned to that color in the graphic. So if you change that position's color it will change accordingly in the graphic, whereas if you change the 2nd occurence of that color the graphic will not change.

I fixed my problem by setting the colors of the home palette to cyan, blue, gray, black, black, magenta, magenta, ....

I then imported the 2-color (blue and gray) home banner to this home palette, and then changed the 2 black positions back to magenta. Because black was not used in the graphic, they weren't assigned to a color in the graphic, and the first magenta position was used for the magenta color. The away palette was left at pink, magenta, magenta, blue, gray, magenta, magenta..., and now everything is kosher.

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