Limit players on ice during PK

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Anyone know how to do this? I'm getting near completion of a 4-on-4 rom, and I want it to be 4 on 2 when the shorthanded team has 2 players in the box, instead of 4 on 3 still. Also, right now when both penalties are killed it becomes 5 on 4 until the next whistle, when it goes back to 4 on 4. Does anyone know how to change it so it is 4 on 2, with one center and one defenseman still on the ice?

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Not sure about it, but it should be something like this:

On the PK2 lines, just "zero out" one of the defenders..

Don't know how this works with as opposed to without line changes. But I mean, you've had to "zero out" one player on each line to get 4on4, right? But if you've only made it 4on4 without line changes then, uhm... My guess is that you'll have to play with line changes to get this to work. Interesting though, wonder if I should try that out for the 3on3 SNES rom, 3 against 1 on a double power play, s**t, that would be HARD!

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I think it adds a different component to the game, opens it up, and makes having a 2 man advantage in a 4 on 4 game that much more deadly.

The difficult thing is, there is no line combination in NOSE when you're killing off 2 penalties at once. I did take away each team's right-wingers to make it 4 on 4, then took away the left winger for the PK lines. If I take away a defenseman then the team on the PK would be down 2 when it should be 4 on 3.

Unless, do you think it would work to take away a defenseman first, so when the team is shorthanded it only leaves the C, LW, and one D? And then by default, if another penalty is taken it would take away the LW for me, leaving the C and one D?

That might work, I'll give it a shot when I get home!

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Quick Solution to the original problem.

If you are creating a 4 on 4 (or possibly a 3 on 3) Rom and you want to be 2 men short when you take 2 penalties, you have to make sure you zero out a player of the correct position.


Full Strength always has the following positions:


So you can zero any of them out and you will be short a player.

Penalty Kill has


2-men short has:


Therefore, if you zero out a Right Winger, the game won't notice, but if you zero out a Defence then the game will only load 2 players.

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